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Volkswagen VW Jetta Car For Sale | Stamford, Fairfield County

Discover the VW Jetta in Fairfield County: A Compact Sedan that Punches Above its Weight

The Volkswagen Jetta is a charismatic compact sedan with bold looks, excellent road manners, and a distinctively luxurious German interior. With enough space to seat five and a large trunk, the VW Jetta is perfect for short trips within Stamford, long commutes, and anything else in between. A healthy engine lineup headlines the Jetta, and its smooth, quiet ride complements the refined interior. Read on to find out more about the Jetta.


This car boasts of a robust engine lineup. Unlike the competition around Greenwich, the base engines do not feel lethargic. Conversely, they offer sufficient power, with decent acceleration, and a high enough top speed to cope with all your daily situations. The most performant engines add even more oomph, powering you through the most demanding situations with ease.

Whichever engine you choose, you'll be sure to have good gas mileage. These engines are as fuel-efficient as they are powerful. Combined with the VW's sizeable gas tank, you can comfortably cruise for miles without having to worry about the fuel gauge dipping too low.

Complementing the engines is an equally competent transmission lineup. Each is well suited for daily commutes around Fairfield County, and whether you're going on a slow, scenic drive, or cruising on the highway, the power delivery is immediate, and the smooth gear shifts are almost invisible.


Like its bigger sibling, the Passat, the Jetta's well-tuned suspension keeps out bumps and potholes very well. Vibrations from uneven road surfaces are well dampened, making the Jetta feel like it's wafting over the minor imperfections. State-of-the-art sound-deadening does an equally good job of keeping out tire, road, and wind noise. You can barely hear the engines even at full throttle, and only loud honks and screeches disturb the cabin silence around Norwalk.

The front seats offer excellent comfort, with ample lumbar and side supports. Headroom and legroom are more than enough, even for the tallest passengers. The rear seats are equally comfortable, with sufficient legroom and headroom. Three can sit in the back, and unlike the competition, full-sized adults won't have any complaints about the center seat.

Soft-touch materials further enhance the refined ambiance of the cabin. The windows offer excellent visibility all around, making it easier not only to drive the car but also for passengers to enjoy scenic views in Fairfield, CT.

Cargo Space

Large cubby spaces around the cabin, bins, and sizeable door pockets offer ample storage for small items. The trunk is deceptively large and can hold more luggage than you'd expect. The large opening makes fitting large items a cinch. Should you need more space, the rear seats can easily be folded to create more room.


A class-leading infotainment system is the centerpiece of the dashboard. It features smartphone integration and is easy to use even when the car is in motion. There are a few audio configurations to choose from, all of which epitomize quality. In the serene environment that the Jetta's cabin is, your music will almost always be a joy to listen to in Stamford.

The system has all the information you need. From speed and fuel economy to navigation and general vehicle information, the system knows it all and will keep you up to date. Furthermore, the infotainment system is completely customizable, with a wide variety of settings, preferences, and profiles.


The Jetta comes packed with passive and active safety features. Most of them are unobtrusive, so you won't even notice them unless they're called into action. Also, the Jetta comes with child seat anchors in the seats, allowing you to keep your child safe and secure as you travel. These anchor points are easily accessible, making installing a child seat extremely easy.

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